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Your HAE journey is unique to you, and your treatment should be too

Partnering with your doctor is the best way of ensuring your treatment plan matches your specific needs.
A range of options to choose from means you don’t have to settle for any treatment that’s just okay.
Similar to the nature of your HAE, your needs and goals can change throughout life and your treatment plan often needs to adapt to accommodate those changes.

Available treatment options

Types of treatments Available as
Plasma kallikrein inhibitors for the prevention of attacks
C1 esterase inhibitors for the prevention of attacks
C1 esterase inhibitor for the treatment of acute attacks
Bradykinin B2 receptor antagonists for the treatment of acute attacks

There are several treatment options available, for both the prevention and treatment of HAE attacks, that may be right for YOU – explore them.

Take an active role in your treatment journey. From administration to side effects and potential monitoring requirements, learning about the pros and cons of different treatment options with your doctor can help you make an empowered choice fit for YOU.

Shared decision making

How can it help you? When there is more than one option, as is the case with HAE treatments, and when the possible benefits and risks of each option affect patients differently, shared decision making can help you better navigate your next steps.

When it comes to making an empowered choice for your life, search more, ask more, and share more, because there is so much more out there for people living with HAE.

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When I hear the phrase "HAE burden," I think of

The burden of HAE, which includes physical and emotional stress, can impact your quality of life. However, you have the power to minimize this impact by adapting your activities and taking care of your emotional well-being.
I should proactively talk with my healthcare provider about my current HAE treatment plan and treatment options at my next scheduled appointment.

Making decisions together with your healthcare provider leads to better overall treatment outcomes.
I have goals for the future, and I’d like my HAE management approach to help me achieve them.

“I have the power to determine what my treatment is going to be.”

- Real person living with HAE
To connect with the HAE community, I typically go to _______

“Being part of the HAE community, sharing and listening to other people’s experiences…it has been great. It’s amazing to know that you are not alone.”

- Real person living with HAE